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There's 10,000 unique adventurers at the Tavern.

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Adventurer #0002
Adventurer #0001

Discover Tavern Squad

Tavern Squad is a collection of 10,000 unique Cardano NFT collectibles set in a fantasy universe inspired by RPGs we all know and love. We aim to bring you not just amazing looking art, but also a story that you can be a part of, and even play a role in changing how it progresses.

We hope that you'll hold your adventurer, and follow us on a journey as we bring it to life with an ecosystem driven by a dedicated team and the massive ambition we bring.

Unique collection of 10,000 NFTs

Tavern Squad is home to 5 races; Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs & Aquilas, each with their own special racial trait category.
We have over 120+ hand-drawn traits across 10 categories. A full breakdown can be found on our Discord server

Adventurer #0001
Adventurer #0001
Adventurer #0001
Adventurer #0001

Welcome to Tavern Squad

When buying one of our adventurers, you are getting more than just a beautiful piece of art. You are getting access to a Squad whose benefits will increase over time.

Tavern Squad logo10,000 unique pieces of art
Tavern Squad logoFair launch, every adventurer
costs the same
Tavern Squad logoIncreasing benefits through
roadmap progress
Tavern Squad logoJoin the community and
be part of the squad

Meet the Team

Tavern Squad Jared


Programmer/Tech Guy

Jared is working as a Senior Developer for a well established multi-media company and has over 9 years experience as a backend developer. All of the Tavern Squad development work is coded by him. He has also been a CNFT collector since late August 2021.

Tavern Squad Luca


Marketing & Community Management

Luca has been working as a COO for a start-up for 3 years. With his expertise in various areas, he is helping wherever he can. He's been part of the CNFT space since early September 2021. Besides marketing, all logo and web design was done by him.

Tavern Squad Charles


NFT Artist

Charles has over 10 years of experience in design and illustration. He's worked in some advertising agencies, with publications in several newspapers. He has 7 children's books published, in addition to several other relevant projects involving art, design and illustration.


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